Pet transport experts to Australia, New Zealand & worldwide destinations

We can also meet your domestic pet shipping needs.

Glen’s Pet Travel is a USDA-licensed Intermediate Pet Handler, and a member of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International (IPATA).

We are friends and partners with Glen’s Dog Inn, a fully licensed and insured Dog Boarding Facility. We are located in Los Angeles, three minutes from LAX Cargo as well as the USDA office.

To see our boarding facility, visit our site at

Our pet transport specialists will handle the following:

  • Make all necessary travel arrangements, ensuring the most direct flights and cost-effective route.
  • Ensure that all required health documentation is in place.
  • Ensure all international requirements are met, including import permits, “pet passports” and USDA submittals.
  • Ensure that your pet is transported in an approved airline kennel.
  • Arrange for all necessary flight transfers, kenneling and ground transportation.
  • Arrange for customs clearance for pets flying into the United States.
  • Keep you informed of your pet’s status while on its domestic or international journey.

Certain destinations require pet import documentation and health documentation (Including vaccination and lab testing), as well as mandatory pet quarantine. The most frequented are:

Australia Hong Kong United Kingdom
New Zealand Singapore American Samoa
Hawaii South Africa Guam

Many of these requirements are extremely time-sensitive. Mistakes can lead to delays and delays can result in the need for re-testing, which can be expensive and burdensome to the owner and, of course, the pet.

All pets — dogs and cats — transferring on flights in and out of Los Angeles will be in Our Possession and under Our Supervision the whole time! And In the event that your pet(s) need to stay with us, they will be attended to with love and proper care so that their travels will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. We will make sure that they are exercised, well fed and watered before they embark on their long journey.

If you need to fly your pet to Australia or New Zealand, please visit our Australia & New Zealand page.