Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where in the plane does my pet fly?

A: Pets are flown in a pressurized and temperature controlled cargo section of the plane.  This is regulated with the USDA and must be in compliance with their APHIS standards.

Q: What happens if my pet’s flight is cancelled?

A: Cancelled flights rarely happen, but in the case, we have contact with cargo 24 hours a day and will be notified if there are any delays or cancellations. Your pet will be boarded at our facility for no extra boarding fee.

Q: Should I give my pet a sedative?

A: NO. Sedatives can suppress the respiratory system and often cause your pet to be disoriented. Several airlines will not accept your pet if they are sedated. We will not engage you as a client if you or your veterinarian insists on the use of sedatives.

Q: Do shippers have special price arrangements with airlines?

A: No. Do not be swayed by shippers or freight forwarders who claim to have special arrangements with certain airlines at special prices or claim to have special government security clearances. The airlines price quote for pet cargo to the shipper will most often be the same price that will be quoted to you.

Q: Can my pet travel with personal belongings?

A: It is ok to leave them with a familiar article of clothing or blanket that contains a familiar sent to reduce your pet’s anxieties but we do not recommend toys or anything else that can be put into your pet’s mouth.