How Much Will it Cost?

In the event that you choose to use us to facilitate your International pet relocation, we welcome the opportunity to give you an estimate for our services.

Due to the location of our facility and the avoidance of the middlemen in expediting the process, we feel we can offer you a very fair price while still ensuring the most cost effective direct flights and the safety of your pet.

If you are interested in employing us simply for the LAX transfer, we will gladly accommodate you, but we cannot take responsibility for faulty paperwork, problems or delays that may ensue.

To get the smoothest transition and to keep shipping your pet from being costly, the most important thing you can do is PLAN AHEAD. The actual quarantine period for a dog entering Australia or New Zealand from the US is currently six months, or according to the AQIS website, “a minimum of 180 days from the date of their satisfactory rabies test to the date of release from quarantine.” However, you are able to reduce the time spent in quarantine to a minimum of 30 days by having a blood sample drawn for the rabies TITRE test 5 months prior to departure. So, if time is of the essence it might be a good idea to plan ahead to reduce the time and cost of quarantine.

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