Pet Transport to Australia and New Zealand, and the LAX Transfer

The strategic location of our facility avoids the need for middlemen (in fact, other shippers employ us to do the LAX transfer). Therefore, we can offer you a very fair price when we expedite the whole pet relocation process ourselves. This is especially true of our pet shipping services to Australia and New Zealand and many other destinations for which LAX is the hub.

If you are transporting your pet to Australia or New Zealand, there will likely be a Stopover/Transfer at LAX in Los Angeles. You will then need a company that can provide you with these services:

1.  Pick up your pet from the arriving flight at LAX Cargo.

2.  Board your pet.

3.  Visit the USDA Office with all of your pet’s travel documentation, before the A.M. cut-off time, to receive a stamped endorsement — a “pet passport.”

4.  Make a trip back to the USDA in the evening with your pet in a proper, airline flight approved kennel.

5.  Transport your pet back to LAX Cargo to complete minor paperwork.

For New Zealand-bound dogs, there will be an additional, mandatory scanning by the USDA of the pet’s implanted microchip.

Our Dog Kennel is located 3 minutes from LAX Cargo and the USDA office, and is a fully licensed and insured facility. Your pet, while staying with us, will be under our constant supervision. We will help to keep them calm and make sure they are exercised, fed and watered before they embark on their long journey.

All pets — dogs and cats — transferring on flights in and out of Los Angeles will be in Our Possession and under Our Supervision the whole time!

To see our boarding facility, visit

Pet travel to Australia and New Zealand is a complex process — as a quick visit to the Australian Government’s Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) website will show. Many of the requirements are extremely time-sensitive. Our expertise will ensure you avoid mistakes that lead to delays — delays that can result in the need for re-testing, which can be expensive and burdensome to the owner and, of course, the pet.

Plan Ahead: The Quarantine period for a dog or cat being imported into Australia from the U.S. is currently ten days. However, you must allow 180 days (here in the U.S.) before departure to fulfill the AQIS requirements. Among the requirements is the necessity of having a blood sample drawn for a rabies titre test at least 6 months prior to departure. The titre test is given to prove that a satisfactory or normal level of rabies antibodies is present in the blood from previous vaccinations. So it is definitely a good idea to plan ahead.

Let us give you a door-to-door quote. If you want to employ our service just for the LAX transfer, we can accommodate you, but we will not take responsibility for faulty paperwork, problems or delays that may ensue.

For a quick response give us a call at 1-310-673-4364.