The Safety of Your Pet

The use of sedatives – We feel that a potential danger to your pet is the use and administration of sedatives while your pet is in transit. We will no engage you as a client if you or your Veterinarian insists that sedatives would be a danger to your pet.

We do administer prescribed sedatives to dogs staying at our kennel but, they our under our constant supervision.

Most Dogs cope very well with air travel, the owners are often amazed to see how happy their dog is upon arrival to their new home. To keep your pet comfortable from day 1, try to stick to your normal routine, remain upbeat. Remember, pets take on your emotions so it is important to remain as calm as possible when departing with your pet to avoid causing your pet to have unnecessary anxiety.

Helping your pet adapt to his or her kennel plays an important part in their traveling experience. If possible, let your dog become accustomed to its crate. Putting a special toy or treat can be a good way of helping the pet associate the crate with good things. Make the crate comfortable but do not close the gate just yet. Wait until your pet seems perfectly calm while inside. This may take days or even weeks but if all goes well the crate could become your pet’s new comfort zone!